Bible Memory for All’s three keys to memorizing Scripture

Understanding:  One of the keys to remembering something is to understand it.  If you try to memorize a random string of numbers you will find out that our minds were not created to remember nonsense, but to remember knowledge.  God created our minds to remember information.  The human mind is a marvel of technology surpassing the largest and smartest computer.  By understanding a passage, and learning the truths that God has provided for us in that passage, we can begin the process of learning and memorizing scripture.

Recitation:  Recitation is the act of repeating something out loud.  This is a powerful technique to assist you in memorizing God’s word.  By reciting the verse or passage out loud you engage more of your consciousness around the words in the verse and help to cement the verse in your mind and heart.

Repetition:  Repetition is perhaps one of the most powerful tools to assist in committing something to memory.  By repeating a passage multiple times per day your mind becomes familiar with the words and the rhythm of the passage.  This helps you to remember the details of the words.  When repetition is coupled with understanding and recitations then you have the most powerful combination to help you in memorizing verses or passages.

Bible Memory for All is committed to helping people to hide God’s word in their hearts.  The short audio recordings help you to understand the passage, and encourage reciting them out loud.  By downloading the audio file and following along you can begin to memorize verses or complete passages of scripture.