Psalm 34:1-2

Psalms 34:1-2

I will bless the Lord at all times;

His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

My soul makes its boast in the Lord;

Let the humble hear and be glad.


The first two verses of this psalm contain truths that for us are simply massive.  The first verses portray the author, David, as blessing the Lord at all times and continually praising God.  This may sound simple enough but think for a minute about the attitude of praise that is required for a man to make these assertions.

David was on the run from Saul at this point in his life.  David, the little shepherd boy, who was the least of his family had a great honor bestowed on him in 1 Samuel 16 when the priest Samuel anointed him as the next king over Israel.  This was done at God’s bidding, and with the full blessing of the Spirit of God.  This event changes David’s life, forever.  In 1 Samuel 15:13, David is described as receiving the Spirit of the Lord at this time, and shortly thereafter he walks into the valley between the Israelites and the Philistines and kills the Philistine giant Goliath with nothing more than a shepherds sling.  We would think that David would be a hero for both the land and the king, but his popularity with the people became a problem with the current king, Saul, and David was forced to run for his life.

He had been anointed king, but then, in a very short period of time, was a fugitive from his own people, and being chased all over the countryside by the one whom God promised he would replace.  His life was not going well, by our standards, and yet he still clung to the Lord God.  He makes this startling statement in verse one that the praise of God will continually be in his mouth.

How many times is our lives do we bless God when things go well, and question him (at best) when they don’t go well for us?  WE seem to think that God is in the “good” thinks of our lives and that anything that we would think of as bad is from the devil.  This is not so, and is actually damaging to our faith.  God is in charge of all things – and He arranges all of the events of our lives together to accomplish His purpose.  His purpose is our good.  (Romans 8:28)

So even in the dark and gloomy times in our lives we must lean on God, the Creator, who works all of these events together for His purpose.  God has a plan for you, and each of our lives have a purpose.

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