Psalm 34:5-6


Those who look on him are radiant,

And their faces shall never be ashamed.

This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him

And saved him out of all of his troubles;


These two verses remind us of the wonderful product of a true relationship with God.  Imagine, we can have a relationship with the creator of the world.  Imagine, He loves you!  These verse tell us that we can look on him, enjoy him, fellowship with him, and doing this will change our lives.  Those who look on him are radiant – we cannot look on God and come away unchanged.  A true understanding of God, and relationship with him will change our lives and hearts.  The conclusion of verse five is a promise for us that God will never let us down or allow us to be ashamed because of him.  What a wonderful two-part promise that we can have a relationship with the creator of the world, and that He will never disappoint us.  My wife and I have had a difficult few months, and this verse has proven to be a hope and an encouragement for us.  God will never allow us to be disappointed or ashamed because of him.

Verse six portrays David sharing God’s faithfulness to him.  The Lord hears David and saves him out of his troubles.  This is the fulfillment of verse 5, David is not ashamed of the Lord, because the Lord saved him, and promises to save us too.  We serve a God who loves us and promises us that He will never let us down.  He might not always accomplish his plan my way, but he will always work things together for good.

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Psalm 34:1-6

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