Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books that my wife and I have read that have had an impact on our lives and our family. I hope these can help you too in your Christian walk and life.

This is the First book in any list, and is an exceptional study Bible. The ESV Study Bible is filled with explanations, maps, references, and information to help the reader to not only understand God’s Word, but to understand the application in modern times. This study Bible is an excellent choice for personal reading, teaching, or even to give to a friend. I have given these away to people who have not read or understood the Bible, and had them comment that this Bible tells them what it means when they read it!


“What is God’s will for my life?”  This book is an excellent reminder that God’s will is not something that is hidden and we need to search for it, but is written out in the pages of His Word.  This short book (about 60 pages) is a perfect encouragement for anybody wondering why God has brought them to a particular juncture in their lives, or anybody that is contemplating what God wants them to do.  Many people struggle with wondering God’s purpose for their life.  This book answers that question in a way that draws you closer to our Lord.

This book could be credited with some of the inspiration for this website and the weekly episodes.  The book portrays the life of Dawson Trotman, the founder of the Navigators.  He had an amazing conviction for memorizing Scripture, and lived a life that was “sold out” to Christ. The Navigator will motivate you to share Christ with others more and to live out your faith. The author does an expert job of weaving the story of Trotman’s life with timeless truths and examples of Christian outreach.  Pick up a copy of this book today and prepare to be challenged, motivated, and encouraged.


An exceptional book on the need for and the power of prayer. This book keeps prayer in the right perspective, and teaches that God wants us to talk to Him. The author addresses many of the misconceptions around prayer, and fights the “name it and claim it” philosophy that is so common in Christian prayers today. I have not read a better book on the need for and the power of prayer.


This book alerts the reader to the terrible trends among children growing up today in the Christian church. The content of this book is simply horrifying. It contains many statistics from a recent study from America’s Research Group commissioned by Answers in Genesis. It addresses the reasons almost 1/2 of our children are leaving the faith by college. The book outlines the causes for this exodus by young people, and what can be done about it. This is a must read for parents, pastors, youth pastors, and youth leaders.


A book well suited for young Christians and old, helping to convict the heart of a need for a personal relationship with Jesus. Easy enough for a middle school student to read, and filled with thought provoking points for everyone. Are you a fan of Jesus or a follower?


For young ladies who want an illustration of their heavenly Father’s love and how to handle the pressures that life sends. A book clean enough for the purest of eyes to read, and still gain Godly perspective on how to grow into a young woman after God’s own heart.